Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thank you!

Have you ever thought about how far a "Thank You" goes? Have you ever worked in the food industry? Waited tables, warshed dishes, cleaned-up after people? If you spend anytime in youth ministry you begin to realize that you do a lot of these things. Sometimes you feel like a short order cook, waitress or even a dish boy. And of course you do all this serving out of the part of your heart that loves these youth. But sometimes it feels as if no one notices. That the only time that they want or need anything from you is when their needs are not being met. But then low and behold a monet of time stops when one of them says thank you. It could be as simple as thank you for picking that up or getting us snacks tonight. Those are the times that are worth it all. Those are the times that makes what we do in youth ministry seem to matter. When the youth say, Thank You!

Just yesterday we were doing our typical homework help tutoring program in Cedar Grove. One of the girls that I have worked with all school year; trust me she is a handful, quite the attitude from time to time; but this time it was different. I had gathered up her homework sheets and placed them into her folder. The kids were getting ready to circle up for prayer and snacks and I handed the folder to her. She took it and turned away, but then stopped turned around and said thank you. I told her she was welcomed. A smile immediately came to my face and I knew that no matter how hard we have worked with her and how much more we would struggle with her I knew it was all worth it. It all seemed to matter now when she said those magical words.

May you remember that the next time someone does something so simple as throw away your trash or open a door for you. The next time you go out to eat and one of our local resturants. Remember to be appreciative and simply let them know by saying those magical words. Not to bring the glory to them or yourself. But just to simply let them know that you are Thankful!