Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The End of the Beginning

When it comes to something new or something different, how excited do you get? Do you become overcome with joy and tension all at the same time? Well that is exactly how I become. When I approach something new or different I get filled with this joy and tension (anxiety) all at the same time. It is quite an amazing feeling.
But them I am reminded that is what I want to latch onto. We need to take this sense that we feel in the pit of our soul and move with it. We need to embrace it and let it challenge us. When we come to something new or different something difficult or unknown we need to take it and work with it. We need to prod it, to stretch it, to even might rip it a little. But revelation doesn't come easy. It is somethign that we sort of start at the end and work back to beginning. Why am I here? Why am I feeling the way I do? What am I to do with all this? What might God be asking of me?
That is exactly what this space here at Igniting Vision is all about. It is just a springboard of ideas, thoughs and questions to challenge us to go to the next level. God is calling all of us to greatness. The question we have is what is that task or responsibility? What is that great adventure that He has for us? Well I really don't know what yours is. I am wading through my journey.
I am inviting you to wade
---------------even possibly fall ------------------------------------------
------------------and fly--------------------------------------------------
with me as we search for what God has given us.
-------------What he has created. ----------------------------------------
Will you join me? Will you join Christ? As we search.......................................